Cristian Donoso

Antarctic Expedition


  • Cristian Donoso

    3 years ago

    Historic kayak journey Chilean explorer Cristian Donoso has completed a two-month expedition by kayak along the rugged coast of Antarctica, documenting the effects of global climate change on the isolated continent’s geography and animal life. Donoso planned and led the two-man expedition, when the kayakers were picked up by a ferry five kilometres at sea in the middle of Gerlache Strait between the Palmer Archipelago and the Antarctic Peninsula. It was the most extensive kayak expedition in the continent’s history. Despite his deep concern at the changes happening on the icy continent, Donoso says that “being there is like being on another planet. It’s the most distinct location that one can visit on the Earth. At the beginning I had the idea that at some point the landscape would become monotonous, but that didn’t happen. Every day offered us a new and unique spectacle.”

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    wowowww!! tremenda expedicion

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    Tremenda expedición, maquina!

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    Imponente geografía, aventura insuperable!!!

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